Case Study: Mums, Babies, Breastfeeding and Cranial Osteopathy

20 October 2023


Hi, I am Kate, from Brixworth Osteopathic Clinic

As a fully registered Osteopath I treat patients of all ages with a structural and cranial osteopathic focus. I particularly enjoy helping mums-to-be, as well as treating mums as they enter the postnatal recovery period. I am a fully qualified Breastfeeding Coach and Tongue-Tie Assessor. I also regularly see and enjoy helping newborns and older children. I firmly believe that correct child development is key to a happy and healthy infant.

I strive to help parents in their breastfeeding journey by building an understanding of how the implications of certain interventions, when pregnant or giving birth, and the vast amount of “advice” given can interrupt a successful birth or breastfeeding journey. 

My consultations and treatments will be focused on the individuals involved to help build their own breastfeeding journey.

If you wish to breastfeed, a lovely introductory book I found easy to read and with a bit of humour is “The food of Love” by Kate Evans. There are some really helpful and realistic advice within the book and some fantastic nuggets in there that might assist you to get going. This book is a good starting point to understanding how important and delicate breasting feeding is and the journey you and your baby can take together.

Cranial Osteopathy Pregnant Mum

To illustrate some of the areas I can help you with here are a couple of recent case study examples of treating babies at Brixworth Osteopathic Clinic:

Case study 1

Mother came in with her 2 week old, feeling like she was a failure. A failure? There is no such thing!!

The mother had a great pregnancy and birth. As is often the case mother was told baby had a tongue-tie and this is why she was not feeding properly. The baby then had a tongue-tie release but the release had made no difference. Mother reported she had nipple pain, the baby was uncomfortable and not latching well. I worked with mother and helped her understand how to position herself and latch the baby on. I treated the baby with Cranial Osteopathy with some delicate structural techniques also. We achieved a happy and content baby including helping to discover a great breastfeeding journey for the both of them. Mother felt no further pain and recovered from the nipple trauma. Additionally, her anxiety and fears of being a failure went away.

Mother is now telling her friends!


Case study 2:

A mother brought in an 8 week old. They were both still recovering from a traumatic birth. Mother reported baby was unsettled and uncomfortable all of the time, never slept, cried all of the time and had “strange” bowel movements. Baby tended to tuck knees, was frantic and very “sicky”.

I spent time with mum and baby, treating baby with a Cranial Osteopathic focus. The “sicky” trait reduced over a couple of treatments and baby started to sleep, her bowel movements resumed and appeared “normal”. Mum was delighted that she finally had a content baby. Mum was also happy as she could sleep and recover herself!

These are just two stories that I am sure many mums can recognise. I get so much satisfaction and feel like I have made such a difference when parents and baby return looking happier. 

It can be hard enough adjusting both your lives when you have just had a baby, let alone having to deal with any bumps in the road along the way.

Kate Walton, BOst Registered Osteopath and Lactation Consultant

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