Infant Feeding Coaching

Supporting mother and baby to find the most confident and comfortable feeding experience that both are looking for.

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About Infant Feeding Coaching

The goal of infant feeding coaching is to aid and support the feeding mother and baby to find the feeding experience they are both looking for by confidentially addressing fears, concerns and issues that the mother and/or partner may be experiencing. Through the consultation you will explore infant feeding as a whole, its benefits and how you may include feeding into your lifestyle.

No feeding experience is the same, with everyone having differing needs and expectations. You will work together with the Infant Feeding coach, including your partner and others who may support you as part of your and your babies support network.

Mother and baby

What Infant Feeding Coaching Includes

Support will include:

  • Pre and post birth breast feeding/chest feeding support and planning
  • Collostrom collection
  • Initiating breast feeding soon after birth
  • Manual and hand expression including storage and bottle feeding
  • Addressing concerns e.g. fears of “not having enough milk”, unsettled babies and painful feeding
  • Attachment and positioning
  • Maintaining lactation
  • Understand how breast feeding works, babies communication and what your baby already knows

Cranial and / or structural osteopathy can be added into the coaching as required.

Appointments & Fees

We can typically see our patients within 24 hours of contacting the clinic. No waiting, just quick, easy access to a highly trained primary care specialist who is able to devote the time it takes to understand you, your symptoms and assess you health to provide you with an individualised treatment plan.

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Infant Feeding Coaching

  • In clinic sessions (90 mins)
  • Home visit (90 mins)


Our team operates from a relaxing and quiet clinic boasting convenient parking and disabled access.

Brixworth Osteopathic Clinic
Lamport Manor Farm
Coach House 2
Old Road

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