Kate Walton - Registered Osteopath

Hi, I’m Kate, 

I live near-by with my husband in our beautiful English countryside looking after my young family in a holistic manner, with a whole food plant-based diet. I am a mother of two active young boys who I nurture to enjoy the world, teaching forestry, baking (I am no Gordon Ramsey, but I do my best!) and growing our own food at home. I love practicing yoga and meditation, enjoy my dogs and horses and have a passion for motor bikes, cars, in fact anything with an engine!

Osteopathy has fascinated me since age 12 when having suffered pain for over two years and enduring medial appointments, lots of x-rays and specialists, I met a lovely Osteopath called Rick who took time to listen too me, understand my pain and then….pulled my leg. Pain gone! I had to understand more!

So here I am, an Osteopath helping others through a holistic thought process linked to the mechanics of the human body, my patients’ life-style and how it affects them.

Although I work with a wide variety of patients I particularly enjoy working with pre and postnatal mums, children and babies. I also have a special interests in nutrition, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Cranial Osteopathy.

Osteopathy is fascinating, I enjoy all aspects of it and look forward to sharing my passion with my patients in my new role at Brixworth Osteopathic Clinic working with Gordon and his team!