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Exercise Rehabilitation

The benefits of exercise on health are enormous.  If you find you’re getting out of breath more easily or starting to realise you’re not quite as agile as you once were, then now is the time to take control and do something about it.  Unfortunately for all of us, we are all getting older.  Part of getting older means that muscle mass starts to decline and joints tend to get stiffer and often become painful.  The good news is that regular exercise can slow down, delay and even reverse some of these changes.

Whether you need to regain your fitness following surgery, improve your mobility or alleviate joint pain or your GP has advised you that you need to better manage your diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels by exercising more and changing your diet contact Kate who is here to support and guide you as you make those changes.

Kate will also work closely with our Osteopaths to ensure you have access to a fully integrated plan to restore you back to health