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Geraldine Barnard

Grieving and loss can take on many forms from the simple loss of a mobile phone to the significant death of a loved one. Equally in between there are life events such as loss of health, the death of a pet, relationship breakdown, loss of job/career and moving away to a different area. During our lifetime it is unlikely that we will be able to avoid experiencing some kind of loss along with the associated readjustment that comes with it.

Geraldine is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Qualified Life Coach who works with individuals or groups who are looking for support having suffered grief and loss.

Geraldine  own journey through life has included raising two great sons, managing the conflicts of working life and looking after children. The challenges of finding new direction once the 'nest was empty'. Living as an ex-pat in South Africa and rebuilding my life after divorce and finding a meaningful career. 

Contact the clinic on 01604 889241 to arrange a no obligation discussion with Geraldine where she will be happy to take the time to go through your situation, available packages, how life coaching works, and more. This is completely free and is to help you make sure you have made the right decision.