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Therapies we offer

From our beginnings and at our heart we are an Osteopathic clinic, and with that we strongly believe in a holistic focus towards the health of our patients rather than being merely satisfied with treating disease and dysfunction. Building on the holistic theme we now offer a range of allied health therapies that allow our patients greater access and choice of a number different treatment. Of course this also allows for our practitioners to suggest a patients may benefit from an additional, or sometimes, a different treatment strategy.

Sometimes I can suggest that a patient could really benefit from a Sports Massage  or that the best course of actions is a supervised 1 to 1 exercise rehabilitation programme to strengthen a weakened shoulder or leg muscles after hip surgery or a sporting injury


Kinesiology tape guide: How to tape shoulder with kinesiology tape. Shoulder  pain treatment. Shirtless man on white backgorund. Side viewpoint.



Woman having a foot massage in a medical room -  Chiropractor massaging a legs of female patient