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Kate Dingwall

Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialist

Kate gained a BSc(Hons) degree from Nottingham Trent University in 1992. Since then Kate
has focused on additional qualifications in personal training, GP exercise referral and cardiac rehabilitation and is currently studying for an MSc in Sports Therapy.

Whilst she will happily work with anyone that wants to improve their health and fitness, including losing weight, Kate is particularly interested in working with people who may be suffering with chronic health-related conditions for example, pain from arthritis or simple mechanical back pain, people with high blood pressure or diabetes, for whom being more active and controlling weight would benefit not only their health and wellbeing but also their quality of life.

Kate also enjoys working with people to help them regain their fitness, strength, balance and coordination after illness or injury or post-operatively, for example following hysterectomy, joint replacement, stroke or cardiac rehabilitation. In this regard, Kate commonly will work closely with our Osteopaths to ensure an exercise programme can be fully integrated into a patient's overall management plan to ensure the return to health is long-lasting and can be managed through exercise by the patient themselves.Execrise